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River Body IdentifiedPiper Abernathy18
Voice-overPiper Abernathy18
Grandfather as a Boy Beneath the Floor Albert Abonado18
SickDad & WellFatherDilruba Ahmed25
WildernessDan Albergotti22
InsideDan Albergotti22
Sovereign NationJeff Alessandrelli21
DaysJeffrey Renard Allen2
Prophet in LaceJeffrey Renard Allen2
At RiskGreg Allendorf25
La Feill MoireMaureen Alsop21
Peace Talks with EquilibriumDavid Alworth5
Ekphrasis, ItalyDavid Alworth5
First Witness: Clyde Evans, Seventh Son of a Seventh SonShannon Amidon9
The PenitentChi-Wai Au7
SwarmSarah Audsley30
Effigy Without a BodyDerrick Austin22
CathedralDerrick Austin22
A Field Guide to the Moths of North AmericaAaron Baker27
Often I Feel as if Someone Has Hit Me with Cold WaterAngela Ball30
Crash and BurnHadara Bar-Nadav13
Organizing PrincipleHadara Bar-Nadav3
CloudHadara Bar-Nadav28
CatchHadara Bar-Nadav13
Café with Faceless ManHadara Bar-Nadav3
SunshowerDavid Barber28
Still-Life, with BruiseSarah Barber14
Field Recording, Notes from the MachineBrian Barker13
The Heart of a RabbitBrian Barker27
In the City of Fallen RebelsBrian Barker13
The Last SongbirdBrian Barker13
HypochondriaAnne Barngrover25
Child Holding PotatoRick Barot17
When After Too Much, Job Abandoned His CityC. Dylan Bassett19
Husserl’s Theoretical Horizon, or a Ghost Is a House You Live inC. Dylan Bassett19
Cecilia, StargazingMichele Battiste4
Gone WestMichele Battiste27
The BroadcastMichael Bazzett23
Your Hands on This RailJeffrey Bean13
Three PoemsJoshua Beckman1
Cathy DiesNicky Beer27
ValerianNathaniel Bellows8
Scattered ShowersAaron Belz13
Population: 41,685Mary Biddinger11
DowndraftMary Biddinger11
How My Father Came By the Name of CuthbertRebecca Black12
First Walk Through the CopseRebecca Black12
ProvenanceNathan Blansett28
Always NamingJohannes Bobrowski3
SinPaula Bohince5
Golden Apple, Gauloises BlondePaula Bohince27
The Young MartyrPaula Bohince5
PalmistryEmma Bolden14
The Witch Remembers The Village in Terms of Its WantsEmma Bolden14
OvertimeKarina Borowicz6
Requiem for the FirstbornTraci Brimhall14
The Male MantisGeoffrey Brock4
The Orpheus VariationsGeoffrey Brock4
Stringing the Mandolin, 1770J. Camp Brown22
Good White PeopleJericho Brown29
Thighs and AssJericho Brown29
Football SeasonJericho Brown20
I Know What I LoveJericho Brown29
CorrespondenceJericho Brown29
StakeJericho Brown29
After the RaptureJericho Brown20
Child ImaginedMolly McCully Brown30
God is Your ShoulderMolly McCully Brown30
Pollux Considers Life As A Constellation Molly McCully Brown30
The Girl Offers up Her ResignationNickole Brown16
Poems: A Morning RoutineM. Soledad Caballero26
You Have to Leave Me TwiceM. Soledad Caballero26
The Generals of South AmericaM. Soledad Caballero26
Forced LaborTeresa Cader20
Instead—Small, Rather Huddled and So OnLauren Camp23
Camino RealKara Candito19
There Are Lots of Guns HereKara Candito19
The ChanceAnthony Carelli14
The CollarAnthony Carelli14
Color TheoryBethany Carlson15
From PeruRachel Carroll2
Memory of YouLaura Carter3
from ArchipelagoSam Cha20
from ArchipelagoSam Cha20
OSumita Chakraborty30
June Morning, SargakhetLynn Chandhok8
The Lost GirlsLynn Chandhok8
WinteringJennifer Chang13
Two Poems from OctoberJos Charles30
We Begin in Joshua TreeCathy Linh Che23
Full MoonKelly Cherry21
GeographyKelly Cherry21
Apology for AlbuquerqueKyle Churney21
The Devil Makes an Erotics of the SunCharlie Clark28
In HidingMeriwether Clarke25
Mother-DaughterMeriwether Clarke25
By the ShoreMeriwether Clarke25
FailureJennifer Clarvoe29
Two Red CardinalsAndrea Cohen15
Windows in the UnderworldAndrea Cohen1
Shadow ofAndrea Cohen26
Still Life with ChildhoodAndrea Cohen8
MineAndrea Cohen26
IntaglioAndrea Cohen8
Live GirlsAndrea Cohen15
Recycling DayAndrea Cohen1
Painting the SoldiersAndrea Cohen26
Love Poem with Trash CompactorAndrea Cohen8
PostpartumJ.L. Conrad22
A dangerous time: these hours in the night.J.L. Conrad22
Visiting the Office of What’s LeftMark Conway10
LullMark Conway10
Darken ShipBrandon Courtney24
Odysseus to EurylochusBrandon Courtney24
from ClangingsSteven Cramer17
from ClangingsSteven Cramer17
The Benevolence of the ButcherSteven Cramer9
from ClangingsSteven Cramer17
Every Three Years,Steven Cramer9
The Disappearing RoomNicole Cuddeback2
DidoNicole Cuddeback2
Ozymandias IIBrian Culhane13
Marginalia in Time of WarBrian Culhane19
My Life as Conceived by Brueghel the ElderBrian Culhane13
Magpie in My Own ImageJ. P. Dancing Bear15
The LivingDavid Daniel15
The OrderDavid Daniel15
The Craft of PoetryDavid Daniel15
A Small River in Iowa and the Wide WorldCatherine Breese Davis23
The Summer that Never WasCatherine Breese Davis23
Diorama—Oradium Yellow and BlackAdam Day12
The OtterAdam Day12
Dear Empire,Oliver de la Paz18
Dear Empire,Oliver de la Paz18
Dear Empire,Oliver de la Paz18
DesireAnthony Deaton19
paraskevidekatriaphobiaMark DeCarteret6
Theodicy in ParenthesesBrett DeFries11
Little BoxesJaydn DeWald13
Sparrow SculptureNandini Dhar27
Little TerrorJoanne Diaz19
The Bells that Clang Off-Key Invent New NoonsKaty Didden22
Like Dante, LookingKaty Didden22
Altos (III)Maggie Dietz1
Why I Don’t Piss in the OceanMaggie Dietz1
EveningAlex Dimitrov17
Partial Inventory of Airborne DebrisTimothy Donnelly14
UnmetAmy Dryansky25
Tiflis. July 1931.Norman Dubie17
Jonah DreamNorman Dubie27
Robert Schumann is Mad Again &Norman Dubie27
Two Eloping Disks with the Same RadiusNorman Dubie27
The Oral TraditionNorman Dubie17
La logique assassineNorman Dubie27
ScheherazadeJehanne Dubrow22
Time and TideRebecca Dunham29
Something Brighter than PityCarolina Ebeid8
[The bridge’s shadow lies across the water]Carolina Ebeid8
The NilometerRobin Ekiss11
Everything All at Once (My Self as Ocean)Bryce Emley26
another composition that makes a white and beautiful fireJeff Encke12
Solo Female Hiking Is Just WalkingLaura Eve Engel30
LeavingTarfia Faizullah10
The MetallurgistMegan Fernandes19
Night HuntMonica Ferrell28
BetrothalMonica Ferrell28
Your Parents Were in PublishingFarrah Field14
For WeatherMatthew Gavin Frank10
Not the Whale: Folktale on the Blyde RiverMatthew Gavin Frank10
The Burial of Emilie Neumann MusePatrick Ryan Frank9
Monody For CranePatrick Ryan Frank9
OneidaPatrick Ryan Frank9
PanGabriel Fried20
GuidebookAugusta Funk29
Palo Santo in September Augusta Funk29
The Overgrown WarJohn Gallaher15
SongJessica Garratt23
A monument of unwashed dishesAmy Gerstler30
Unhappy Mother of a HeroAmy Gerstler30
string theory Hafizah Geter18
Longest Duration to Stand MotionlessFrank Giampietro13
NightCelia Gilbert3
But Enough About MeEthan Gilsdorf7
Even QuieterRebecca Givens3
FailureEugene Gloria21
Nurse NaciremaEugene Gloria21
FareJessica Goodfellow23
EarthquakeKarin Gottshall14
FaithKarin Gottshall20
County FairJason Gray26
Along the Road to BostonEamon Grennan16
Family ValuesEamon Grennan16
Write a Poem that Scares YouKelle Groom5
St. Rita’sKelle Groom11
Greenough’s PondKelle Groom5
Blue HeatSara J. Grossman18
MidwinterSara J. Grossman18
Betty and MeMary Grover7
Tall PuppetsMegan Grumbling14
Persephone’s Lark SongMegan Grumbling25
Leaving the RoomMegan Grumbling14
Persephone’s Cleft SongMegan Grumbling25
Weather CurveCarolyn Guinzio9
Flightless RailCarolyn Guinzio2
AstigmaticCarolyn Guinzio2
SyrinxAlexandria Hall24
SundayDerrick Harriell26
MondayDerrick Harriell26
The Search for the Impossible BoyBradley Harrison16
How I Became a GhostLeslie Harrison11
LoveLeslie Harrison11
AphasiaDave Harrity23
Jesus Has Taken Residence In My HeartChris Haven14
In SummerDouglas Haynes3
Always NamingDouglas Haynes3
VisitationK. A. Hays12
Or They Might Be the DeerK. A. Hays12
TranslationTodd Hearon11
Harry FarrTodd Hearon11
What Ghosts There WereTodd Hearon2
SundialTodd Hearon11
De ProfundisTodd Hearon11
Photo: Regina with Roman and LilkaJody Helfand8
Photo: Father Thinking about Son before Studio PortraitJody Helfand8
GethsemaneChristopher Hennessy2
Nietzsche, Pasolini & IChristopher Hennessy2
Water Soluble DreamsDavid Hernandez26
Severely ClearDavid Hernandez26
Pretend these are the rulesBob Hicok9
Sound financial adviceBob Hicok9
Postcard to EduardoSean Hill17
Postcard to Wrong AddressSean Hill17
Rothko-esqueDennis Hinrichsen22
What They Ate, Where They Ate ItDennis Hinrichsen12
Queer TheoryDennis Hinrichsen22
Radio CashDennis Hinrichsen12
The Fresco Worker Appears Suddenly In The PictureMatthew Hittinger3
There were TurtlesMatthew Hittinger23
Square DanceMatthew Hittinger7
Cave TheoryMatthew Hittinger3
Euclid on the Erotic PostulateMatthew Hittinger7
Danse des Petits CygnesChloe Honum17
ThirteenChloe Honum17
Crossing the Three-Rope BridgeChloe Honum17
The Hospitality of WarEva Hooker12
And So, How Does One Learn How To Drown?Eva Hooker9
Salt FlowerEva Hooker12
Willow Willow WillowEva Hooker9
The BullfightDavid Huerta7
Second ReturnIshion Hutchinson17
reunionGary Jackson28
my father raises his shirtGary Jackson28
Even Strangers are Not StrangersMajor Jackson10
The Island of FoodiesMajor Jackson10
Portrait of Depression Addressing the Girl ChildBrionne Janae28
For the Men We Loved Who Never Returned from WarT.J. Jarrett30
Greenville (Reprise)T.J. Jarrett30
Giantess and the Fountain of the GiantsLesley Jenike9
RemovalMark Allen Jenkins14
Matins for the Last FrostKimberly Johnson20
VisionSara Eliza Johnson17
QuestionSara Eliza Johnson17
The Anatomy Lesson of Dr Nicolaes TulpDanielle Jones-Pruett25
The Taxidermist’s WifeDanielle Jones-Pruett25
The Fifth WarHolly Karapetkova10
Mara and the HenHolly Karapetkova10
Lament/PraiseAnn Keniston7
From A Spell Called HomeTrevor Ketner28
From A Spell Called HomeTrevor Ketner28
Why Sita Is ChosenVandana Khanna21
Parvati Fails the First Test of Being HolyVandana Khanna21
The Women of KingfisherStacy Kidd4
You Can Be an ElkDavid Kirby25
John KeatsDavid Kirby25
In SummerSarah Kirsch3
Gospel with Quarrel and Hapless PrayerAnna Leigh Knowles28
PrayerVirginia Konchan29
Karate TrophyVirginia Konchan21
MetempsychosisVirginia Konchan21
Invention No. 1 in a minorHyejung Kook17
Waiters on ShorelineDavid Krump8
One ReasonDavid Krump8
SkyRobert Krut7
Misplaced ChildRobert Krut7
SojournerJoshua Kryah6
Long Darning Needles’ Hint of SutureJoshua Kryah6
Fretless at the Get-goJustin Lacour3
Quantum TheoryKien Lam26
What the World Really Feels LikeLori Lamothe29
Clean SlateBenjamin Landry25
Wide-Eyed, Sure, Fella—But Maybe I Care MoreJeanne Larsen29
Meat, Meat, Meat, Meat, MeatJeanne Larsen29
Shreds and PatchesDavid Laskowski7
Although I Am Only a Native HereDavid Laskowski7
InteriorGregory Lawless11
The MinskGregory Lawless11
Meditation on DecadesKaren An-hwei Lee24
Sketches from a Childhood SeaJoseph O. Legaspi26
Our MothersJoseph O. Legaspi26
AshesRebecca Lehmann28
MercyJennifer Luebbers Leonard22
Lilacs hedge the yardJennifer Luebbers Leonard22
We made the sea a womanKeith Leonard20
A Lexicon to Fill a Rain Gauge Keith Leonard20
The Lords and Serfs of Sand and SeaKeith Leonard20
Why the Sound of Stars Is MetallicKaren Lepri15
Little SpellShara Lessley30
Belated EpithalamiumShara Lessley30
The WaterDana Levin14
FallSandra Lim17
Remarks on My SculptureSandra Lim17
Conversation with ThereseEsther Lin25
The MarriageTimothy Liu16
Alice and MeAndrea Luttrell26
MidasM. E. MacFarland25
Ode to the CannibalJennie Malboeuf29
For ElezaDora Malech28
Abbr. BestiaryDora Malech28
ElegyDora Malech28
ComplexRachel Mallino12
At The Shooting RangeTony Mancus6
What Tongues HoldTony Mancus6
Homunculus SurvivalSally Wen Mao18
Little TinyChristine Marshall22
The Consolation Splash in Synchronized SwimmingKristina Martino29
What the Structure Refuses to HoldMichelle Matthees19
Fred, SeparateMichelle Matthees19
IconicMichelle Matthees19
Smuggling PoemsGerardo Pacheco Matus30
SnakeGerardo Pacheco Matus30
Once My MotherPam Matz26
InventoryGail Mazur19
That NightGail Mazur29
The MissionGail Mazur4
Family Art HistoryGail Mazur24
ShipwreckGail Mazur15
Early Morning WalksGail Mazur29
My StudioGail Mazur19
History of My TimidityGail Mazur15
PerennialGail Mazur24
Notes in Chalk on a Ruined BridgeGail Mazur15
Rest StopGail Mazur29
The 70’sGail Mazur24
Inward ConversationGail Mazur15
ThingsGail Mazur24
[Omaha, what besides animals on loan can you offer]Kyle McCord21
September 3, 2003: Paul HillJill McDonough5
Faith: A TranslationJill McDonough1
Another ArtJill McDonough25
July 9, 1819: Rose ButlerJill McDonough5
Arches National ParkJill McDonough19
June 4, 1715: Margaret GaulacherJill McDonough5
June 9, 1916: Juan SanchezJill McDonough5
Ronnie Drenger and I Receive Some Signs from GodJill McDonough1
Basic Writing SkillsJill McDonough19
October 21, 1773: Levi AmesJill McDonough5
NectarGary McDowell8
WinterGary McDowell8
BirthmarkAdam McGee26
BluffKaryna McGlynn14
Deer HuntingA. McHugh12
Marching Band Adjudication ServicesMarc McKee24
The BodyRobert McNamara4
You’re Running With Me, Don’t Touch the GroundErika Meitner24
Remember Me As a Time of DayErika Meitner24
War SongCarly Joy Miller24
Why You Tried to DrownCarly Joy Miller24
White PeachesLeslie Adrienne Miller26
BallisticsMatt W. Miller11
DeciduousMatt W. Miller11
Middle AgeWayne Miller30
CyclopsTyler Mills18
Stolen from a Voice: Drowned or Burned or BleachedTyler Mills20
NestorTyler Mills18
Song for Holding Tanks in a VaultTyler Mills20
Morning MythPeter Mishler29
SolsticeThorpe Moeckel15
GarlicJean Monahan1
Broken WatchJean Monahan1
BowlJean Monahan1
A-FibDerek Mong15
The Veronica ManeuverJennifer Moore23
SaltDarren Morris11
CaulkDarren Morris9
FarrierDarren Morris11
Counting Down the NightDarren Morris9
Note on the Red Line L : Paper Boats : : The Messenger Wire :Darren Morris11
Geese Crossing the TurnpikeDarren Morris9
The Scarecrow’s ApprenticeRobert Murdock16
PostcardMiguel Murphy15
AliensMiguel Murphy15
CoralMiguel Murphy15
The Baggage ClaimRich Murphy1
American Gothic, Circa 1950, by RoteRich Murphy1
Goat Songs (I)Jessica Murray10
Goat Songs (II)Jessica Murray10
Betrayal and the CrowJessica Murray10
The Fourth GeorgicJessica Murray23
Mr. DeathMuriel Nelson5
Stitch in TimeMuriel Nelson7
LogicMuriel Nelson5
Marche SlaveDaniel Nester5
My Symbolic SuggestionDaniel Nester5
Thinking about Her Chemo after Hitting a Bird on the Ride HomeBill Neumire16
FirefliesBill Neumire16
Deep, Like BloodJeff Newberry10
Naïveté for a New WorldDiana Khoi Nguyen20
Deposition on TraumataDiana Khoi Nguyen20
Sister, Be With UsDiana Khoi Nguyen20
FledgeDiana Khoi Nguyen20
Laying the Cloth, et ceteraSarah Rose Nordgren18
Armadilloed BoyMary O'Donoghue1
Furini’s AgathaAlexis Orgera18
Agatha in Anonymity (Woodcut,1488)Alexis Orgera18
Boxing Gospels: Agatha’s VisionAlexis Orgera18
The Daughter of LotEric Pankey16
Lucid DreamingEric Pankey28
SilvicultureCecily Parks16
DuskChad Parmenter18
Study in Archaic Colors: Pronoun TroublesEd Pavlić6
All American Erotica: A .38 Slug in My Vocal Chords and the One That Got AwayEd Pavlić19
Instrument Training & Algorithms for ShepherdsEd Pavlić6
Avoiding the TopicJeffrey Perkins22
The Hole Beside the HouseJoyce Peseroff6
from Sound Net SequenceJoyce Peseroff16
No More WaterJoyce Peseroff6
Dear ThirstJoyce Peseroff27
ArsonAllan Peterson20
Not Just an AppleAllan Peterson24
EschatologyAllan Peterson20
MemoriaAllan Peterson24
FollowingAllan Peterson20
[You didn’t want to go to the sea]Michael C. Peterson19
[I tell you then]Michael C. Peterson19
NocturneKiki Petrosino24
Why Don’t You Wear a Black Crepe Glove Embroidered in Gold, Like the Hand that Bore a Falcon?Kiki Petrosino24
Let Me Tell You People SomethingKiki Petrosino24
On Stone MountainHai-Dang Phan28
Late Spring in Jasper CountyHai-Dang Phan28
OverpassEmilia Phillips25
Nocturne, Lamar’s Chrystal LoungeEmilia Phillips25
The Town Dreams the Tornado ApologizesCatherine Pierce22
Here in the Future We Are Always Watching OurselvesCatherine Pierce27
7th Grade Science LessonMaya Pindyck21
The EndodontistJohanna Pittman9
Tornado WeatherCatherine Pond24
MithridatismCatherine Pond24
The SmithyDorine Preston9
Ode to DoubtDorine Preston9
Dear God,Kevin Prufer11
HospitalKevin Prufer11
CicadasChristina Pugh1
LoanChristina Pugh1
In the CastroJacques J. Rancourt26
The GateJacques J. Rancourt26
The WarhorseMelissa Range11
The HarpoonMelissa Range11
The RopeMelissa Range11
LentNancy Reddy16
You Bring Out the Dead in MeRita Mae Reese11
Summer of ‘62Phoebe Reeves20
My City Is BuriedPhoebe Reeves20
PhotographRachel Richardson11
LabyrinthRachel Richardson21
American TragedyRachel Richardson11
VesselRachel Richardson21
Here We GoDavid Rivard23
ThiefDavid Rivard4
Iron Rising Out of IronDavid Rivard23
Don’t Doubt ItDavid Rivard23
The Fingerprint ClerkJoshua Rivkin14
Suitor’s DreamJoshua Rivkin27
HousewarmingJoshua Rivkin14
35 Miller DriveDavid Roderick13
As When Drought Imagines FireDavid Roderick13
OwlJosé Antonio Rodríguez21
Family Farm SonnetElizabeth Lindsey Rogers29
Three PoemsMatthew Rohrer1
MourningNicole Rollender25
ElegyNicole Rollender25
The Body-Object and Other ExamplesAffonso Romano de Sant’Anna5
Caliban and MirandaMark Rosenberg1
My Grandmother’s Mouth, PostpartumMira Rosenthal29
Temporary ApartmentMira Rosenthal29
UnattendedEmily Rosko1
HavenEmily Rosko1
On our recent tour sponsored by the RomanticsEmily Rosko1
MiscarriageAnna Ross8
What It Was LikeAnna Ross8
FugueTim Ross4
Exotic LocalesTim Ross4
The Gamekeeper’s LamentF. Daniel Rzicznek12
Family Movie Night: Mr. UniverseJacob Saenz30
SouvenirJane Satterfield26
The BullfightMark Schafer7
LegacyRob Schlegel22
ForestRob Schlegel22
Elegy VII (Metaphors for Grief)Jason Schneiderman13
Elegy VIII (Last Moment)Jason Schneiderman13
The Body-Object and Other ExamplesLloyd Schwartz5
WorkboyAustin Segrest18
BackboardAustin Segrest23
The BeachNatalie Shapero30
Since when did Mathematics have all the answersKent Shaw16
My City is Not Called LaddersKent Shaw25
Only water is meant to be breathingKent Shaw16
Really, There is no End to AmbitionKent Shaw25
We Say PopPeter Jay Shippy4
Kingdom, ComePeter Jay Shippy4
Altar BoyKevin Simmonds21
Whale PoemSean Singer5
Corps / CœurSean Singer2
Disassembled Parts of a Bass ClarinetSean Singer18
Informing Jazz and Blues of the AnswersSean Singer2
Taxi PoemsSean Singer29
Coming to PlaceElias Siqueiros7
Man at WindowElias Siqueiros7
Backblast Area ClearKaren Skolfield18
MaydayKaren Skolfield18
ŞoricelTara Skurtu22
Discovery: Negative ReturnTara Skurtu22
PhototropismMairead Small Staid29
Bipinnate Plants & Other BrackenMairead Small Staid29
The Master and the ApprenticeColby Cedar Smith9
Art SongJordan Smith6
Empty Racetrack, Early MorningJordan Smith6
Your TongueMaggie Smith25
The Cigarette Wheel: Seaside Heights, New Jersey, 1942Ralph Sneeden12
ViolinRalph Sneeden16
Snow TrainSusan Snively6
[It’s only when I look at trees]Leah Souffrant3
Love Poem for LupusMolly Spencer28
At Dock’s EndMolly Spencer28
LungMelissa Stein24
SemaphoreMelissa Stein24
Darlings and DearsHannah Stephenson21
The QuadrantNomi Stone23
Shock and Awe, Iraq, 2003Nomi Stone23
On New Year’s EveLaura Stott27
Route 128, Georgetown, MaineTess Taylor8
A Warm Enough QuestionTerrell Jamal Terry25
Float/FateTerrell Jamal Terry25
Concerto for the Left HandAdam Tessier15
My QuarryCasey Thayer20
Taking a PunchCasey Thayer20
Cutting HairCasey Thayer20
My Daddy as Stand Your GroundJermaine Thompson28
You Know What Your Problem IsJermaine Thompson28
Laquan McDonald: Also a LambJermaine Thompson28
On spotting blue-haired ladies at Luckie’s gaming house,Lynne Thompson10
Little ThievesMatthew Thorburn16
A Woman was Singing SomewhereMatthew Thorburn26
Filial PietyJennifer Tseng4
I never read one word Toni Morrison wrote.Jennifer Tseng27
AmericanJennifer Tseng4
I’m going to sleepJean Valentine19
Both you & heJean Valentine19
My words to youJean Valentine19
AbyssKatrina Vandenberg13
The Night the Painter Unpinned Her HairKatrina Vandenberg13
AnonymityJakob VanLammeren19
A CareerJustin Vicari5
In the BeginningAngela Voras-Hills24
On the Eve of the Death of the Patron Saint of Those Whose Lives are Lost to Something Science Can’t ExplainAngela Voras-Hills24
BusSidney Wade20
SpishingSidney Wade20
MausoleumClaire Wahmanholm27
A Great Many Signs of a Very Bitter Cold to ComeClaire Wahmanholm23
Beast & Master Claire Wahmanholm27
Strange, 1951Peter Waldor10
The Electricity of Your Acupuncture Is BreathingG. C. Waldrep11
The Fabric of Enclosure Is a Fissionable RespiteG. C. Waldrep11
How Water Is ManufacturedG. C. Waldrep11
The Memory of PainElaine Wang27
Grief is Simple Interference: Endings OverlappingFritz Ward7
CumulonimbusJonathan Weinert7
Year of the GoatDavid Welch27
Idiot RiverDavid Welch27
One Country May Hide AnotherDavid Welch27
(What is here inserted comes from a Credible Hand and attested by some now in Boston)Holly M. Wendt24
California, AgainSamuel Wharton5
MigrationSamuel Wharton5
On Highland RoadMichael White15
FreakPhilip White20
No Music in the Music RoomAlexandra Wilder9
The CosmetologistCaki Wilkinson16
HospitalityCaki Wilkinson16
Calculating RouteCaki Wilkinson16
“Becoming Again a Threshold”Lisa Williams18
Gazelle in the HouseLisa Williams18
Sea HeartLisa Williams18
[ psalm ] : LullabyJordan Windholz10
ConcentrationCatherine Wing24
Cold GreenCatherine Wing24
Wisteria Strangles the Nearest BodyCori A. Winrock23
Anaphylaxis as ApotheosisCori A. Winrock23
The Town Knows It’s a GirlCori A. Winrock23
I Stabbed Someone Before I Found the LordKathleen Winter13
Delicate CratersKathleen Winter24
Rosemary, Pansies, Fennel, ColumbinesKathleen Winter13
in the museum of the legion of honorKathleen Winter24
Nostalgia for the Criminal PastKathleen Winter13
My Fear Is A Green-Eyed MonsterKathleen Winter19
The Body’s CaseRodney Wittwer12
The Answer Man at the CircusRodney Wittwer2
Sibling RivalryRodney Wittwer2
The Instrumentarium of Harry PartchRichard Wollman8
I am Ghost Brain I/ Sister to All Things CrueltyJoseph P. Wood21
#999, RedBeth Woodcome6
Self-Portrait: Black’s Law DictionaryBeth Woodcome6
FictionBeth Woodcome6
[looking over the bomb inventory]Jon Woodward6
[I know enough I resist]Jon Woodward6
[all the stopping and starting]Jon Woodward6
Long OccupationStefanie Wortman17
Neighborhood of ManStefanie Wortman17
Brother on BrotherGreg Wrenn8
Homeric Similes in JapantownGreg Wrenn18
The StormGreg Wrenn18
The InstructionalErica Wright8
PaducahRobert Wrigley23
Stop and ListenRobert Wrigley17
No Rest for the RavensRobert Wrigley23
Eurydice at the Mouth Yanyi28
The Kiss Yanyi28
Laws of ConservationJake Adam York20
At LibertyJake Adam York8
Postscript to SilenceJake Adam York20
AbideJake Adam York20
Letter Written on a Hundred Dollar BillJake Adam York20
LoveJake Adam York8
Feedback LoopJake Adam York20
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