after May Swenson
Body my horse           my crossing          my cauldron
body my season of visions    
my crossing through the dark oil 
in the water            body my harpoon           my hook 
in the mouth of the world              body the frost 
from your mouth like a dream   
body the fallen light           the sunken sound 
of a voice in the water              body the well
carrying skulls of the dead                body the open gate
letting the horse outside          the sound 
of bones running into the night            the clouds
like a dream lowering into the mouth
of the world                   I am crossing the season of water
I am trying to unhook my hand from the dream
I am trying to find the breach in your surface
but there is no end to your opening   
your sea inside                    body where is the latch
the shore                 where is the place you touch another?
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