ATLien Ghostrides the Whip to Stankonia Studios
w/ a gangster lean    undaunted as the gnat who swims upstream in a cold swig of Old
            English    Daily i evade The Elements    Push the whip [ship] from Decatur    20kHz west
Yes daily they keep watch over us    They clock my intelligent dark skinsuit    as housefly 
            exoskeleton    i survive weave lanes white knuckle pursued    en masse & mono-
chromatic [assumed] despite this high stakes Cluedo:    Bluebottle-black fly    w/ the water-
            logged Brunswick Times    Malice-ridden Greenfly w/ the anodized black metal rolling pins
When sun disintegrates caste & phylum    the Americans will all learn French    vacate    hitch
            to Martinique    hear history    romance-   lingua franca    echoes of dissident dance    Until
back in Brooklyn or Bankhead    they begin to catch Afro-Caribbean backbeats    in alien accents
            Until the distance between    islands fissures    Until there exists among us an oasis-
mirage across    even interstate lanes    Until the map is extinct horseshit & every driver
            in rush hour traffic resembles those golden stones James Wright noticed while lying
on William Duffy’s hammock until terrestrials see beauty teeming at every volta & blink swarming
            Earth reeking & We    obsidian-backed    winged    clinging to it    making eyes at one another
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