Fretless at the Get-go
Though the Welsh have the worst
sort of folklore for our situation:
Discouraging the sturm and drang
surrounding pie & sausage platters.
We can still take our pranks
to a more ocean-view.
We are still dependent
on a network of enormous baskets
to earn our living, and all the acrobatics
needed to maintain them.
No amount of lightning can change this.
and I’d prefer the insides 
of one of the more sultry chanteys.
Though I’d be quite lonesome without you,
Month of Sundays,
with your rollercoaster designs 
and your army of local collaborators.
Though I have nothing original to add,
and have worn out six pairs of handlebars
just getting here, with your name ringing
as a brighter, unfinished warning.
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