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‘Cross-Eyes’ Thorpe Hits The MarkRanbir Singh Sidhu25
7th Street ExchangeP.F. Potvin2
Nadja by André BretonKristen Iskandrian10
A Man A ManChris Arp26
A Special GuestMichael Pearce23
AdaptationVirginia Konchan23
At the CoreEvan Lavender-Smith9
AwakeDaphne Kalotay26
Bad TripCaroline Wilkinson4
Be ReadyRusty Barnes5
BirminghamBeth Lizardo31
Blake on BaseJustin Vicari6
Candy: The Dark SideSteve Almond1
CautionNathaniel Bellows16
ClearcutP.F. Potvin2
Cost of LivingJennifer Christie25
Counting HoursJoanna Luloff9
DaddyvilleAugust Tarrier3
Dead BeachJane Renaud28
Dreaming in Italian, 1964Sandra Scofield14
Estate Sale, Mize, MississippiPeter Orner20
Everybody’s IrishIan Stansel19
Fat KidCraig Bernardini23
First OutCatherine Knepper24
FishEmily Newburger1
Flegler’s Interior Design (from Winesburg Appendix)Michael Martone28
FluencyAmy Marcott6
FM 104Kathryn Schwille20
For the Dead Who Travel FastJoanna Pearson26
from the novel Mannequin GirlEllen Litman21
GettysburgKeetje Kuipers27
HealingEllen Litman33
Heavy PettingJessica Murphy6
Helen in TexarkanaKate McQuade30
History of Art: The War Artist Makes God VisibleMargaret Luongo16
HoeKim Chinquee9
I Know Compass vs. the BellP.F. Potvin2
I Watched You DieScott Lambridis24
ImprovisationsKate Petersen23
In This LifeZack Bean22
John LaroquetteThomas Cooper12
LandlordBlake Butler10
LegaleseTed Weesner, Jr.4
Lineage (8)Jaydn DeWald25
Little StrangerSophie McManus15
McGuffy’s Third Eclectic ReaderAbby Frucht13
Mollusk, Membrane, Human HeartAnne Valente18
MonarchsRobin Lippincott10
MorselsSharma Shields2
My Four StomachsLee Conell28
My Husband Had a Name Once and So Once Did My SonAbby Horowitz27
NewspapersMatthew Baker15
Night ShiftJami Brandli7
Our Fathers Leave UsDanielle Cadena Deulen27
OvercastAaron Burch12
Postcards from My BrotherPaul Yoon7
Prayer for the moth, but also for the spiderCaitlin Horrocks21
Q County Colored PenitentiarySonya Larson28
RevivalBenjamin Percy7
Rock and BoneHolly M. Wendt17
RubLaurie Stone16
Sailor SuitJoe Aguilar22
Salt AirJames Scott13
ServitudeXu Xi12
SimultaneityAmit Majmudar17
Sole SurvivorSarah Anne Strickley27
Stores of MercyJessie van Eerden14
SuspensionB. J. Hollars11
Tell MeWeston Cutter25
The AccidentAllan Reeder11
The Astounding Flying ScarberryiesJT LeRoy1
The BilletGerri Brightwell22
The CelebrityBecky Hagenston26
The Gas ManJustin Bigos24
The Glass GirlWendy Oleson24
The Human CostRobert Lopez21
The Leopard FrogShena McAuliffe22
The Love of My Husband DeceasedAlex McElroy23
The New BedCourtney Sender29
The Odd Difficulty of SinkingCleyvis Natera31
The Ophelia ProjectValerie Vogrin30
The Piano RecitalLorie Broumand28
The Plexiglas LanesMichael Cooper18
The PrinceJill Maio14
The Rice BowlRicco Villanueva Siasoco4
The Screech OwlJohannes Bobrowski3
The Screech OwlDouglas Haynes3
Thread and NeedleLaurie Stone16
Trinity SiteStacey Swann10
TundraPete Pazmino19
UnboxingKarin Lin-Greenberg29
Uncle Ed: The Psychic SleuthDenise Duhamel7
WalleyePeter Grimes27
WaveLaurie Stone16
Welcome to BridgecrestLauri Anderson Alford20
What You KnowJennifer Pashley20
White WeddingNina McConigley17
Who By Fire, Who By BloodJon Papernick5
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