ATLien Freestyles Over “Wheelz of Steel”

Definitions belong to the definers, not the defined.

—Toni Morrison

A paralytic sickness    bias   white flame burning thru red & blue cells
A ring around    the revolver barrel    roulette wheelz    Russian clan-
destine war    imagined happened &    thus foreseeable    Moral schism
hard for them to swallow as cod liver oil: filet mignon    backmasked: rods &
cotton    scalps & cod    Give a woman a fish & watch her envision an end 
to famine    [which is the beginning of living upright]    Teach a man to fish 
a market    & he will lure you w/    the chummy glint of an iced out life as he
guts your public for trophies    Do check for trout lips    at mention of any 
“system”|counter-    clockwise prison    built to omit marrow in its
trappings    E.g. shackles into handcuffs    into plantation industries
into wireless    tethers into “job growth”    Landlord says raining dollar bills
where i hear bills    dollar    raining    When i say precipitous one of us pictures
a cliff    though we share the same broken    elevator pulley-    steel eyez    
If only in the beginning someone said    i wish us both to do more than survive
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