You’re Running With Me, Don’t Touch the Ground
we move through the wind which blows
over us, riffles through the dangling parts, 
our husks let loose and stumbling

past interstates past hiking trails
(endurance) we can be heard from 
though it depends on the proximity 

of neighbors the sound we make when 
struck is glass (breath) wood 
whittled away to nothing: shells or

hollowed metal of assorted diameters
knocking together (relax and unwind)
causing higher pitched vibrations 

(harmonic) the way bluster grazes 
beer-bottle tops the way grass blades 
tangle wind (here) between thighs 

the sprawl the sigh the deferred 
outside is not dangerous we are 
enjoying nature we are up in the 

air which is not the same as 
suspended which is not the same as
hogtied which is not the same as 

lynched, but we’re not writing fiction, fellas, 
get yer ass in here to bone up 
on wishes on come back on why didn’t we

take that self-defense class in college
(you pick two) menu of freshmen girls 
grids of faces lined up as examples 

of what tasteful (buddy system) makeup 
looks like age eyes hair weight last
seen wave hello through the window

and there are so many windows keep going
in the house if you have information
the windows are boarded up please call 

someone so angry it’s possible to sense 
a disturbance in the firmament (we were
taken, we were drunk) a really easy 

weekend project wind chimes don’t
touch unless weather because on our 
backs they prosecuted and nothing 

happened they prosecuted unless 
someone sighed honor code unless
the windows were open until someone

remembered an irrefutable detail
and even then
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