Remember Me As a Time of Day
heartbreak is a fixture of the landscape
like these unbuttoned doors, these streetlamps
over bent pavement, glittering, emitting heat

with covers pushed to the floor there is nothing
lonelier than an air conditioning unit (5,000 BTUs)
or a chain lock and the space between the door

and the frame heartbreak 
is so steep you don’t really race up to it
those men ringing the buzzer (no soliciting)

a motion of crossing the street
(heartbreak) is imminent
against the window against the light

I want you here now with me
to do dangerous things:
salt flats, salt mines, diamonds since

heartbreak is the opposite of acrylic is
dawn over a bridge (rusted, impassable)
Carroll Street Verrazano Kosciuszko 

the river rises to the promenade
after heavy rains,
                         the bright sky

cooing into the night, flying home, roosting
like music in the Anchorage, like music
echoing everywhere we went

whether we stay or go
heartbreak is an option
Verrazano himself was killed and eaten

by natives of Guadeloupe or executed
for piracy in Spain:  heartbreak
is not always a linear progression
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