Euclid on the Erotic Postulate
I alone I alone I alone saw
I a lone letter break into three lines :
Definition Eleven expanded
to transform the letter T from two lines
to three : one perpendicular connects
two parallels bisects two to form four
the subtended angles equal the parts
and wholes greater than both part and whole six
lines broken recombined the multitudes
of I the lone I I alone. I ask
you what postulate would one need to turn
One into I to turn I into You
an i into a u One into Two.
If One and You are both I’s what do two
I’s equal. We? Yet how to get from One
to Two without the word Sum. Deflate One’s
start to form Two’s end. Flip One’s middle, add
a peak. Straighten One’s end arc slide its bar
through itself : One become Two. I call it
the erotic postulate a lone proof :
not parallel or perpendicular
to the order-dis-order border : more
than just intersection that single point.
It grants a wide straddling a long split
flexible across infinite line length
and what that length contains : solid broken
dotted dashed : every reclining obtuse
angle each sharp gut blow acute degrees
parade of shapes as they rise off spectrum
take form and break down to the zero point
only to build up in variation :
cube turned sphere turned cylinder turned torus
strings morphed into membranes regular waves
of irregular pattern emergence
of refined chaos. There is no royal
road to geometry. There is no God
but in things like I and You One and Two.
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