Often I Feel as if Someone Has Hit Me with Cold Water
I did not enjoy my parents. More and more, I look for them in my face. Am comforted to glimpse a
crook in a smile, eyes that refract sideways comprehension. Most behavior is understandable, if
repellant. Large cities have favorite products that visitors may come to love. These are discernable in
faces, if sought. Bushes and saplings start around the trunks of mature trees, shielded from harsh
light, but insecure. Books in one house change places with books in another. No one monitors this
process. Some people grow forgetful because their collection of times frightens them, along with
their house and lot, deep ground becoming adamant before melting under its own weight. Some
people study themselves till lost, or perform till used up. I am growing to understand women I have
seen in restroom mirrors around the world, their argument with apparitions.
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