Sibling Rivalry
Sister says
I don’t, I don’t want no snakes on me. But put
them worms around me & I’m a princess of slender
slippery sounds, got a carriage without wheels
that slides in rain. Got a half-shaped brother
swoonin’ for gals in mags, a great fat
pumpkin croonin’ love songs soft & low. You talk
la-la I’m gone through smoky mirrors & beaded
curtains while you’re hopin’ to shave your face.
One hair, two hair, three hair four—baby brother
you’ll never have no more.
Brother says
Rhythmic Orion, my favorite friend, comes
wrapped in chains, changes them to sheets,
unwraps like angel food cake—no layer
shows.  He shows in the night, when I
am asleep, when I take pants off he puts
them on. A regular clothes thief. He makes
me cry & he makes me laugh, he gives me guns
to shoot the champs.  & the champs go “oh” &
“oh” & blink off their prizes.  Rhythmic Orion
strips off his belt & the stars spill in my hand.
Sister says
Baby brother’s got a gap in his face that needs
fillin’ fast. You watch the walls move, I’m
busy. Don’t talk to me about culinary angels &
don’t tell me the ways of the sun—you got a nerve
slitherin’ like eel breath, I’m gonna scuttle
that steam. No years old & he wants to know
where he’s at. Honey, I been through that.
I’ll knock the stars off your hair. Macho doggies,
that’s how I end—that’s what the last word
bam-bam said.
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