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Mark Schafer
Mark Schafer is a literary translator and visual artist who lives in Roxbury, Massachusetts. He has translated novels, short stories, essays, and poetry by a variety of Latin American authors including Alberto Ruy Sánchez, Virgilo Piñera, and Eduardo Galeano. In 2004, Junction Books published his translation of Gloria Gervitz’s epic poem, Migrations/Migraciones. His translation of excerpts from Incurable will appear in Schafer’s forthcoming anthology Before Saying Any of the Great Words: Selected Poetry of David Huerta, 1972–2003, which will be published in fall 2008 by Copper Canyon Press. Schafer’s translation was made possible by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts. More translations of Huerta’s poetry by Mark Schafer can be read at his website:
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