Boxing Gospels: Agatha’s Vision
Give me the scissors, said I. No service but in service to the eternal 
self. No body but. In deepest lounging. These are mine! 
Said I, & no one will slice them. But I will. 
Said I, you won’t have me & after  
I die I will return as soot in your thigh meat, as scabs on your 
scrotum. I will eat you then. 
And God said in the voice of the dispossessed, 
Whip your hair into the wind. 
God said, Fuck the earth, you’re its mistress. 
He said to me, Wait! He said, Etna’s my anger descending.  
Box me & you’ll win, he said.  
He said, Your babies will die in the fire. 
So I had no babies. 
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