Stars are not the end, but the 

A bird is to its throat as a promise is 
to its sharp edge. 

I wanted to make for you a 
sunshower. Instead I have made for 
you a mortal thing. 

Writing is knowing how to cut.  

There is a space in my body that did 
not exist when I began this book. It 
is a window. When I next speak, 
I will do so through that window. 

Please leave the window unlatched.

When I next speak, it will be with 
changed lips. 

I wonder what their color will be.

Finally, she enlarges the figure to a grand 
scale, and cuts off its head.

Note: The first italicized line in “O” is from Georges Didi-Huberman. The second comes from an image caption in the 2017-2018 exhibit of Louise Bourgeois’s work at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

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