[ psalm ] : Lullaby
hush hush the sound of the moon
                                                            budding on the float of its own white voice
each each the very very crickets
                                                            snug in the pitch of their stringing
a whorl I am a mouth for a bed
                                                            the music that melts with a quiver
nests in the eye a wooled story
                                                            the bone dreams in the body I am
up up a bird thinks flight so is
                                                            the sight of chirp and warble
the branch it lights is perch
                                                            as feather is a breath of color
down down is also under
                                                            where above is a quiet sheen
the night a page the stars stop
                                                            its black words drop in me
their silence a simple in in
                                                            that rests in rests and sleep
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