September 3, 2003: Paul Hill
Starke, Florida
In the paper the women were weeping.  Pixelled tear
stained women, stunned outside the prison in Starke.

Hill bought a shotgun, practiced shooting near 
the Pensacola Ladies Center, parked
and waited, shot and killed, reloaded, killed
again.  He put the gun down, met the cops, 
his face down on the asphalt, very still.

The women in the paper wept when the shot
of sodium pentothal stopped his beating heart.
They held each other up, or knelt to pray.
They cried that Florida made Paul Hill a martyr
and the Bible justifies his work, his way
to rescue babies: Whosoever sheds
the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed.


Hill shot and killed James Barrett, a security guard, and Dr. John Britton, one of the nine “dead babykilling abortionists” listed on the website of The Army of God. Other websites helpful in understanding Paul Hill included those of A Mighty Wind, Free Jesus, and A Voice in the Wilderness.

The Boston Globe


Genesis 9:6

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