Naïveté for a New World

I thought I saw my original once, through the slit my hands cupped on a window. To be watched is to be confirmed. Which one of us was behind glass? Who was present at my immaculate conception? The sky was a color never mentioned in children’s books.


What is a child grown up if its organs mature and decay at different rates. Do not tell me that only the liver defies the aging process. No one heard me when they lowered me down. When we were younger, they said, This is your gift. After the tongue of my friend was removed, it kept apologizing and lying at will.


A bus is not a waste even if it hasn’t been boarded in years. We must maintain a route. The evacuated body maintains a shelter for life. When they took one of my eyes to a stranger, I remember thinking, Light bulbs are not created equally. Who owns my face if I can’t read it.

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