Memorious Authors
Ed Pavlić
Ed Pavlić’s most recent books are Visiting Hours at the Color Line (National Poetry Series, Milkweed Editions, 2013), But Here Are Small Clear Refractions (Achebe Center, 2009), Winners Have Yet to be Announced: A Song for Donny Hathaway (UGA P, 2008) and Labors Lost Left Unfinished (UPNE, 2006). His other books are Paraph of Bone & Other Kinds of Blue (Copper Canyon P, 2001) and Crossroads Modernism: Descent and Emergence in African American Literary Culture (U Minn P, 2002). He lives in Athens, Georgia.
In Memorious:
All American Erotica: A .38 Slug in My Vocal Chords and the One That Got Away(Issue 19)
Instrument Training & Algorithms for Shepherds(Issue 6)
Study in Archaic Colors: Pronoun Troubles(Issue 6)
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