Feather & Coda
Listen: Feather & Coda (4:11)

Early September Orion’s on his back looking for arrows.
My morning walks are a continuation of my nights.
Do not tie yourself to this earth.
Nothing you have learned will save the jumper from the bridge.
You are a child until your parents die,
a comet bursting from an empty quiver.


Fall into this chasm
            that I may call you back,

you who curled into me as anger,
            burrowing into bruised ribs you broke
upon entry, a thief,
            lover, friend, and brother.

Give me back my youth,
            wasted as it was on you.

“Feather & Coda” was recorded in Nottingham, UK by Sabine Wütrich (soprano), Daniël Kramer (piano), and Simon Paterson (sound engineer).
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